Welcome to Major Mentor Directory!

The Major Mentor Directory is a searchable directory that assists in connecting undecided and re-deciding students with current juniors and seniors in specific majors. Our Major Mentors are excellent peer resources who are experienced and have advanced knowledge in their field of study. Students can email our Major Mentors with questions about their major, coursework, future career plans, campus involvement, and/or volunteer work.

Some helpful tips when contacting our mentors:

  • Share your background/goals with your mentor
  • Be specific as to why you are contacting them; possible questions may include:
    • Why did they select their major?
    • What do they like most/least about their major?
    • What courses do they like the most and why?
    • Are they involved on campus, if so what campus involvement opportunities exist with their major?
    • When do they plan to graduate?
    • What career fields are they considering after graduation?
    • Have they done any volunteer work?
  • Ask for referrals of faculty/staff members to help build your connections and network across campus