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EXCEL Residence Hall Information

  • Students accepted into the EXCEL program must reside in Lake Hall.
  • Lake Hall is a coed residence hall (male and female rooms located on seperate wings on same floor, all designated EXCEL rooms are doubles - two students).
  • You must complete the Residence Hall application(Kent Housing). If you have a roommate preference, you must indicate your roommate preference on your housing application.
  • Your requested roommate must also complete a housing application and place your name on their application as their requested roommate.
  • Your roommate preference must be admitted into the Exploratory major and apply to the EXCEL program.
  • Your roommate preference must be accepted into the EXCEL program.

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EXCEL applications will be prioritized by the date that you complete your online Residence Hall Application.

Go to: Kent Housing

EXCEL Personal Participation Statement

     Explain in a brief statement the reasons you want to participate in the EXCEL Program.


I have read the goals, expectations and requirements of the EXCEL program. I understand the EXCEL program requirements and expectations. If accepted into the EXCEL program I agree to full participation and to following all program requirements. (Review program goals and requirements on EXCEL website: EXCEL LINK )

I hereby accept all terms and conditions of the EXCEL Program by checking this box

Application Deadline
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